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The Near West Drama Club (NWDC) provides drama activities and hands-on workshops for students throughout the academic year. The focus is to build capacity in the dramatic arts while developing Communication Skills, Creative Thinking, Collaborative Teamwork, and Self-Confidence. Our inclusive process is based on the best practices of International Drama Education, and ensures that all students are able to develop their potential, have fun, and make new friends through meaningful activities.


We provide access to top international music production resources, artists and opportunities. Near West music produces original music for the Chinese market including 乐小虎 and 麦赈航. We help promote Chines music internationally.

- Music Production

- Artist Management


We provide professional development workshops for those with an interest in and passion for the arts. We also provide professional training and development for educators of Drama.


In this program, children will explore the rich and colorful world of storybooks. In addition to reading the story with the children, we will involve the students in imaginative drama games and activities to engage their creativity and bring the story to life. Students will find meaning within the storybooks and connect the themes to their own lives. In addition, each student will receive copies of the storybooks and a recording of the book that students can listen to on their own.

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